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We require a deposit for upcoming appointments, which will be asked for at the end of the booking form.

If you fail to attend or cancel outside the 48 hour notice, unfortunately you will lose your deposit.

The deposit amount will depend on the duration and price of the treatment.

This is a new policy we need to adhere to due to last minute cancellations.

If you would like more than one of the same treatment, let us know in the 'Notes' section on the final page of the booking process and you'll be updated via email on price, etc. and can view the details of the appointment on the 'customer' section on our booking portal at   Additionally, you can use the 'Notes' section on the final page of the booking process to let us know if you'd like any treatments performed simultaneously or anything else you'd like to ask us.

Be sure to check the 'Packages' section on the booking portal for special offers!

Please choose your preferred venue to continue with your booking...

Find out how to save our booking portal as an app by clicking this button to play the video showing you how

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